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Andrew Thomas

BSc (Hons), MSc, MA, MBACP (Accred), MAPA

Counselling Qualifications, Accreditation and Ethics

Trained to postgraduate level in Relationship Therapy (2009 - 2012). I am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and have been awarded accredited status after a stringent vetting process that assesses training, experience and ethics. I work under the Ethical Framework laid down by the BACP.  


I am also a member of the American Psychology Association which, in addition to its code of conduct, also provides invaluable resources that support my ongoing research work in the field of human motivation. 

Ongoing Training

Maintaining membership of the BACP and APA requires training on a continuous basis. I also read extensively to stay up to date with the rapid changes that have taken place since I qualified, especially in the field of neuroscience and relationships. 



I took an early decision to specialise as a couple counsellor rather than become a generalist. Working with two people at once profoundly changes the nature of the client-counsellor interaction compared to individual work. I have accumulated thousands of hours of experience working with couples who bring a wide range of issues to counselling. 

Following the publication of my 2019 article in the BACP’s Therapy Today journal, interest in the tools and concepts I developed for my own practice grew enormously. Today they are being used by counsellors across the world in their work with thousands of clients. I support this side of my work through the SelfMapping website on a not-for-profit basis. 



With a background in business and coaching at senior levels I am comfortable working with couples who are successful in their chosen careers and expect excellence from themselves and those who they work with.

After studying in the UK and the USA I worked as a petroleum engineer before starting data processing and management coaching businesses in the early 90s that expanded across Europe and the USA. I sold the data business in 1999 to a US based corporation. 


After that I focussed part-time on executive coaching for ten years working to permanent secretary level in the UK government and private sector leaders across Europe and the US. In 2009 I felt I wanted a new learning challenge and trained with Relate, a UK based relationship focussed charity, gaining an MA in Relationship Therapy.

​Today I run a small private practice for clients who want to work with a highly trained and experienced counsellor who has direct experience of their high pressure lifestyle. I work with up to seven couples to maintain quality and leave me time to support my not-for-profit website that provides free self-help tools and concepts that I have developed since I qualified. I also write articles in professional journals and am currently focussed on turning this PowerPoint presentation on what I call Avoidance Theory into an article for a leading psychology publication. 

The SelfMapping website is used as a training resource by mental health professionals working in all mainstream approaches worldwide and by individuals who cannot wait for or afford professional help, or simply would never engage with a counsellor.

​Born in 1961, sailor, cyclist and golfer. Married with two children.

A picture of Andrew Thomas couple counsellor.
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