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 My approach equips couples with a capacity to shape and sustain a rewarding and healthy relationship on an ongoing basis once our work together has finished. 

Session length and typical duration of our work together

All sessions are 90 minutes long, after which I spend at least 30 minutes preparing for our next session and writing follow-up emails if appropriate.



The first session is only paid for if a couple continues to work with me. In this way you can be sure the important couple/counsellor connection is present for both of you.

Hourly rate: AU$390/$250/€230/£200 or equivalent in your local currency.

Session by Session Guide

This can vary between clients, but the main elements are consistent. I have found that immediately trying to resolve conflict during counselling does not last long in the real world outside of the session. Instead the initial focus is on building a new capacity to deal with and resolve conflict. Once that is in place we focus on how the issues that brought you to counselling can be resolved allowing new mutually rewarding relationship to evolve. 

Session 1

We do two things:

•    You each answer the following question: If it were our last session and we were talking about the ways in which your relationship had changed what would you hope to say? 

•    You learn how to use the Rainbow Map tool to develop your Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body self-awareness which provides a foundation for the rest of our work together. For example you will learn about your trigger cycles: If you have an argument and one typically recovers faster than the other that itself can cause further conflict. Becoming aware of that difference opens up opportunities to reduce its contribution to your relationship issues.  

Homework:  Use the Rainbow Map and learn more about the jargon free Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body model on which it is based.

Session 2

We review the Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body model, how your self-awareness is progressing and fine tune your Rainbow Maps.


Following that we will develop what is called a Genogram that describes your family structure and provides more information on which existing resources can be refined and new ones developed. 

Your homework will be to read a short piece on resources and reconditioning and continue to improve your Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body self-awareness. 

Session 3

We review how your self-awareness is progressing. It is not uncommon for clients to start experimenting with resource refinement and generation by this time.

Sessions 4-6

A careful progression from less to more sensitive issues based on your heightened capacity for self-awareness, resource generation and activation. 

Review your original Best Hopes from the first session to refine and add to them based on the relationship orientated conversations you are having during and between sessions. 

If some issues are proving to be harder to resolve, we would discuss whether engaging in the Legacy Behaviour Experience might be helpful. This typically adds three to six additional sessions to the work we do together.


The Legacy Behaviour Experience enables clients to see the origins of behaviours that once helped them but have increasingly fallen out of alignment with the evolving needs of their lives. That awareness contributes to the generation of more powerful and focussed resources to recondition deeply ingrained behavioural patterns. 

Sessions 7-12
Moving towards one session a month and then once every three months before ending our work together. These sessions focus on how your self-awareness, resources and outcomes cycle can be fine-tuned and become an ingrained aspect of your relationship.

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