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What clients say about working with me:

"I wish I had known this stuff years ago, it would have saved me and my husband so much heart break and sorrow. I think we really stand a chance of staying together. Something Andrew said that has stuck with me, it's about having a good relationship on purpose rather than a bad one by accident."

"At first, using the Rainbow Map felt daunting as I'd never noticed how my body felt before or connected it up, but it became a game-changer. I've put a copy on the freezer and the kids are getting into it, even our five year old is using the colors to tell us how he feels!"

"As we got to know Andrew better he could be challenging. For me this style worked as I now see how my partner closes down when I push too hard and why I feel compelled to behave like that in our relationship."

"I think our very difficult relationship underwent a noticeable shift through the Legacy Behaviour Experience in particular. I grasped the root of certain behaviors of mine, which so far seems to have given me more options in how I react in situations that would previously have made me go on the attack. We still argue at times, but its not so bitter and I think we are more able to recover and actually learn rather than retreat deeper into our silos."

"This probably sounds a bit corny but our work with Andrew evolved from a struggle into something more involving and constructive. We are not through the woods yet but we can see the path out and spend more of our time on than off it now. "

"We have decided that it's still best for us to split up, but now we can do that in a way that is going to be less harmful to both of us and our children. Instead of flying into a rage I am more able to catch that earlier and calm myself. I don't want that post divorce friendship others talk about but I think we will be able to communicate. A really big thing for me is that I am more optimistic that I will be able to have another relationship that actually lasts next time."

"After counseling, our constant fights over parenting changed, we seem able to understand each other better. We still fight at times but instead of weeks we seem to be recovering faster and faster."

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